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Shri Ramanujacharya

Few in Bengal Know about Bhagvan Sri Ramanuja.

This is so because here there are very few who follow the doctrines of that Mahatma and belong to what is known as Sri - sampradaya. But their influence is paramount in South India . It is time that people of this part of the country knew what religious doctrine he preached and on the basis of what philosophical conclisions ( Siddhanta ) ; whether this doctrine was in vogue prior to this time ; why his followers are known as Sri - sampradayis ; and whether there is any agreement between his and Bhagvan Sri Sankaracharya's doctrine of non-duality. It is sheer shortsightedness to remain ignorant of the life and teachings of that great soul, who is worshipped by his followers as the

Manifestation of Sri Lakshmana, the prince among devotees ; whose loving heart is the refuge of one and all, right from Brahma to a blade of grass ; and whose incisive and

Well - reasoned arguments stand arrayed to meet the impregnable Advaitic doctrines of Bhagavan Sri Sankaracharya of immeasurable intellectual powers. He is still a great immeasurable intellectual powers. He is still a great influence among the followers of his school whom his teachings have enable to withstand the materialism and atheism of the present century and to reflect, even in spite of all the changes that have come over their mode of life, a little of of that overflowing love of his Rishi - heart in their pure vegetarian habits, which is a token of their acceptance of the principle that it is a heinous sin to slaughter fellow living beings for the upkeep of this corrupt body of ours.

The lives of the great ones are always consecrated to the good of the many. They descend on earth for no selfish ends of their own. They are ever preoccupied with the thought how to remove the afflictions of the lowly, the indigent and the helpless. This is why searching and thorough study of their lives is immensely beneficial. By knowing and following the path discovered by these great ones by their deeo & constant meditation on the good of all living beings, one can live one's life here on earth in supreme happiness and, what is more , can find one's way to heavenly bliss or liberation hereafter. Is it not the paramount duty of all intelligent people to drink, from the life stories of the great ones, the elixier which brings good in this world and the next?

Supremely glorious and large - hearted, Sri Ramanuja is among the foremost of such Mahatmas,. The path shown by him is eatablished on Sattva. Not being unsteady and

Fleeting like those resting on Rajas and Tamas,it yields ever lasting results.All who aspire to share in ever - abiding supreme bilss should follow in the footsteps of the magnanimous ones like Bhagvan Sri Ramanuja. " There is no other way but this."

The rich and the poor, the erudite and the unlettered, the high and the low, - all can tread

The path shown by this Mahatma with great ease and much benefit.

One word more .It is more profitable to study the lives of the great ones than to repeat parrot - wise hard and abstruse hololies.When the maxims - which , being abstract, are difficult to grasp - find concrete expression in the lives of the great ones, they can be easily comprehended and followed by average people.By even unthinkingly following in

Their footsteps, men advance in the path of virtue, gradually overcome animal impulses, and become fit to find refuge in the Divine.From one's very boyhood, one continually hears it said that to tell the truth is one's duty. But after witnessing the systematic violation of truth wherever one may turn one's eyes, one gets almost convineed that maxims about truthfulness can at best

Adorn the pages of pages of books of ethics and that in practice speaking of unalloyed truth is an utter impossibility. Such an idea would have established itself in the human mind, like the immovable and unshakable Mount Sumeru ,had thare not been born inthis this world those noble ones who are veritable images of truth itself.

God, the all- powerful Father of all, out infinite compassion for His children, comes into this world, assuming the forms of holy men, to resuscitate religion and help men forward in the path which leads to good here and hereafter. Is it then the duty every one to study the loves of such holy personages?